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Simple, Affordable Radio over IP Gateway
The VE-PG2 is a “Radio over IP Gateway” which connects an analog radio (repeater or transceiver) with another radio over an IP network. By interconnecting two or more radios over an IP network, your communication range can be expanded.
Bridge mode for point-to-point radio connection

  • This mode simply bridges two VE-PG2's over an IP network. As shown in the figure above, the Group A radio users and the Group B radio users can talk to each other.
  • When the IP network system is compatible with IP multicast technology, three or more VE-PG2s can be connected in the bridge mode and the IP packet data can be multi-casted in the system.
Selective call mode using a DTMF code

  • In this mode, two or more radios and PA systems can be connected to the IP network. Program the VE-PG2s to assign a unique DTMF code to each network connected radio and PA system.
  • As shown in the figure above, the Group A radio user sends the DTMF code (1#) to set up a call and the Group A and B radio users can talk to each other.
  • Up to 500 DTMF codes can be programmed.
Other features

  • Up to three radios can be connected to one VE-PG2
  • Optional connection cables allow you to connect a transceiver or repeater easily
  • Audio input/output and relay switch for public address, headset or external device connection
  • Web-based configuration screen
  • SNMP, SYSLOG, network monitoring function and call logging
  • DNS client
  • Automatically checks firmware update(Internet connection required)
  • DTMF/5-Tone/MDC1200/BIIS1200 can be passed the IP network*
*Analog signalling and data transmission may not work under certain conditions. Adjustments or changes in radio settings are typically required.
Supplied accessories

  • AC adapter
Rear panel view
  • Mode switch for firmware update
  • DC input (AC adapter supplied)
  • Ground terminal
  • 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet LAN port
  • Radio connection ports
  • Audio input/output ports
  • External equipment control ports
  • Initialization button (on the bottom panel)

5m (16.4ft)
connection cable for a mobile transceiver.
5m (16.4ft)
connection cable for a repeater.


Power supply requirement

12V DC ±10%, MAX. 500mA (12V AC adapter supplied.)

Operating temperature range

0°C to +40°C; 32°F to 104°F

Dimensions (WxHxD)
(Projections are not included)

190x40x141 mm


540g; 1.19lb (approx.)

All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.