MF/HF Radio Telephone JSB-296/596/896


SSB Radiotelephone
250W/500W800W MF/HF Radio Equipment
250/500/800W MF/HF Radiotelephone a compact and lightweight MF/HF radiotelephone ensures easy operation
The JSS-296/596/896 MF/HF radiotelephone is designed for vessels navigating in A2, A3 and A4 sea areas. It is one of the most advanced GMDSS systems JRC ever developed, allowing for superior performance, and the compact and lightweight construction, allows for a flexible installation approach. The MF/HF radiotelephone consists of the JSB-196GM radiotelephone, NFC-296/896 Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU), NCT-196N DSC/NBDP MODEM, NDZ-127J Data Terminal Equipment (DTE), NDF-268 Keyboard, and NAH-692/695/698 Power Amplifier. The following types are available: 250W: JSS-296 500W: JSS-596 800W: JSS-896
Distress calls
The MF/HF radiotelephone series is fully compliant for Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) operation. The terminal includes a prominent red Distress button, with features to prevent accidental activation.
Built-in battery charger
The power amplifier features a built-in battery charger, which doesn’t require any external devices.
JRC's MF/HF radiotelephone incorporates various self-diagnostic programs, controlled by the JSB-196GM, to facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting, reporting any possible problems it might suffer, allowing for easy maintenance and more reliability.
Antenna has Built-In Dummy Load
The antenna unit features a built-in dummy load, allowing for self-diagnosing without having to connect additional units.
Reliable Antenna Design
The MF/HF radiotelephone system has a lightweight and rugged antenna unit, allowing it to be easily mounted outside, and ensuring effective communication.
Easy Operation
The MF/HF radiotelephone is designed for user-friendly operation, using a single, large control dial button for frequency channel selection; mode setting and high/low power transmit switching. The NCT-196 integrates the DSC modem and watchkeeping receiver, enabling convenient operation that also fully meets the GMDSS requirements.
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
The JSB-196GM radiotelephone uses a 32 bit floating point for digital signal processing after the IF stage. The DSP technology improves a wide range of functions, including noise reduction and various types of interference rejection, ensuring enhanced performance.